Selling Through Curiosity

For more than 27 years, Barry Rhein & Associates has been the most sought-after sales training and consulting organization in Silicon Valley, offering a family of instructor-led curiosity-based programs including the highly acclaimed Selling Through Curiosity™ and Managing Through Curiosity™, which have been delivered by the company to tens of thousands of people from numerous companies worldwide.

The company’s sales seminars and curiosity-based methodology have been widely praised for moving far beyond theoryand into simple, practical steps that have an immediate impact on the attitudes, skills, effectiveness, and earnings of participants. Selling Through Curiosity™ is known for its ability to get results in days and weeks that would normally take months and years for most salespeople to master.

The company is known widely for its “if you don’t get results, you don’t have to pay for the training” guarantee. Company founder Barry Rhein puts it this way: “If I can’t make a profound and measurable difference in your sales results, we don’t deserve to be paid a thing.” The company believes so strongly in its ability to get profound measurable sales results that for its second decade of operations, it only took equity compensation for its programs. To date, the company is 13 for 16 in successful liquidity events in its equity-based relationships.

Company programs are compatible with all sales methodologies and leadership programs (they supplement and enhance – not replace) and are designed to accelerate the effectiveness of participants within their organizations. The company’s many successes include work worldwide with Ariba, Business Objects, Hewlett-Packard, Informatica, and, as well as hundreds of other companies and thousands of independent salespeople.

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