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Former economist and writer, Heather R Morgan, started SalesFolk after managing business development for a small tech startup in Silicon Valley. After her boss asked her to reach out to C-level executives in an industry that she had no prior experience or connections, Heather began researching her audience and writing some email templates she could use for mail merges.

In less than a month after launching her email campaigns, she had gotten more than a 67% response rate, landing meetings with people like the founder of Guitar Hero. Word of her results traveled fast through the Silicon Valley startup scene, and Heather soon had a dozen different job offers. Instead of just taking one of these job offers, Heather decided to start her own business and turn them into her first clients, and thus Salesfolk was born.

Prior to working in tech and startups, Heather worked in emerging markets as a developmental economist with organizations including the World Bank and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). Her economics background has influenced the data and results-driven attitude that is central to all of SalesFolk’s processes and company culture.

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