I am a big fan of DataFox but don’t let my bias skew your discovery process. This platform is years ahead of it’s competitors when it comes to delivering actionable insights to sales professionals, and their integrations strategy makes getting this intel into other systems very easy. I’m a huge fan of their Slack integration.

From there site: Business teams are held back by the amount of data they need to find and manage. Every CRM today requires that organizations painfully build and maintain a database of businesses they might one day sell to; it’s an impossible task.

At DataFox we believe that every business should have a scalable solution for getting actionable, real-time insights on the companies they sell to without the grunt work so that employees can focus on what matters most – building relationships and growing their business.

Prospect on Auto-pilot
Find better, more strategic accounts using advanced cross-filters and Signals scores using DataFox’s industry-leading company data.

Find New Accounts in Your Territory

Use our dynamic lists to have new ideal companies recommended to you automatically.

Perfectly Catered Messaging

Receive automated, relevant company signal alerts on your companies. Stop opening 12 browser tabs looking for the perfect reason to reach out.

Seamless CRM Integration

Push new accounts into your CRM with one click. See company insights directly in Salesforce. Spend your time selling, instead of on research and grunt work.

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